The 2020/21 Winter Season in Austria

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020/21 winter season will look a little different to previous years. Austria's government and its tourism industry are working hard to ensure that winter holidays are both safe and enjoyable for visitors, with a myriad of guidelines and measures in place from the gondola to the ski lesson, to the alpine hut and spa. 

On this page, you'll find informative summaries of the protective procedures in place on national and regional levels, as well as updates about initiatives such as testing in the tourism sector, in addition to more general news about winter holidays across Austria's many ski regions.

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COVID-19: National guidelines and initiatives

The Austrian government has introduced a number of guidelines and procedures on a national level to promote safer winter holidays in 2020/21. Here, you'll find an overview of what winter visitors can expect when traveling to Austria in terms of safety measures and initiatives that apply to the whole country.

National Guidelines for Guests: Winter Holiday Activities (24.09.2020)


Protective procedures are now in place for winter holiday locations and activities such as Christmas markets and ski lessons.

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COVID-19 Testing in the Tourism Industry


Austria was one of the first countries to implement nationwide COVID-19 testing for travel and tourism industry employees. For the winter season, testing will be extended to include catering service employees, ski instructors and tourist guides.

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COVID-19: Regional measures

Austria's individual winter holiday regions are taking extreme care to follow the overarching national guidelines, whilst also putting in place additional measures that correspond to their unique infrastructures. Below, you'll find information as to how different areas are meticulously preparing to welcome winter visitors in a safe and worry-free atmosphere, from their mountain breakfast all the way through to a nightcap following skiing on floodlit slopes.


Winter PR News 2020/21

From gondola updates and hotel openings to information about snow sureness and cross country ski routes: we know that, alongside Austria's COVID-19 protective measures, these details are important. 

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