Temporary Lockdown in Austria

Due to rising COVID-19 cases in Austria, a new nationwide lockdown has been implemented for 3 weeks, starting on 22 November.

Austria is currently recording rising COVID-19 cases. As safety for everyone is our top priority, a nationwide lockdown came in effect on Monday, 22 November. The lockdown applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people for a maximum of 20 days and will therefore end on
13 December. After the first ten days, the situation will be evaluated. Holiday trips to Austria are not possible during lockdown. We will update you with more details as soon as they are available to us here

To prepare for the winter season in the best possible way, Austria has taken COVID-19 measures such as the so-called “2-G rule” (proof of full vaccination/past infection). None-the-less, the current situation has made a lockdown necessary. Austria will start into the winter season as soon as the overall situation allows it.

Statement Lisa Weddig, CEO Austrian National Tourist Office:
From the tourist industry’s point of view, the lockdown hurts us enormously. Nevertheless, it is necessary considering the current infection situation. There is still great interest in winter holidays in Austria. We are confident that the winter season will happen with the appropriate security measures in place as soon as the general situation improves. Austria’s hosts acted responsibly throughout the summer and will continue to do so in winter.