COVID-19 Update: Austria implements nationwide testing for travel industry employees

Safety will be one of the foremost deciding factors for travellers when choosing a holiday destination in future.

It's the goal of the Austrian Federal Government to keep the risks of COVID-19 as low as possible, allowing guests, both domestic and international, to enjoy a safe and worry-free holiday.

Austria will be one of the first countries to implement nationwide COVID-19 testing for travel and tourism industry employees, with the goal of regular tests for 65,000 sector employees by July 2020.

The first phase of testing began in designated trial regions on 29th May. Tests will be available for travel service providers across all Austrian provinces from July 2020 onwards.

Participating service providers will receive clearly visible labelling to indicate that all employees are provided with regular tests.

The costs of testing are covered by the federal government and are part of a broader screening strategy.

Should you have any questions, or for further information, please contact eleanor.moody@austria.info.