Really Big Adventures

Feeling cramped? Us too. Here are three long distance walks, bike trails and climbing routes in Austria on which we're looking forward to seriously stretching our legs.

Adlerweg, 413km

The Adlerweg (‘Eagle Walk’) is Austria’s most iconic long-distance hike, measuring 413km split into 33 stages, with an elevation gain of 31,000m. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to experience an awesome alpine landscape, and should be on the bucketlists of all serious hikers, mountaineers and adventurers worldwide. The Adlerweg demands that one conquers the tough terrain and altitudes of the Kaiser, Arlberg, Venediger and Großglockner mountains – though it rewards hikers at every turn for their efforts. The route is packed with incredible views of imposing peaks, sparkling mountain lakes into which to dip one’s toes and cosy mountain huts for rest and relaxation. That’s not to mention the well-earned sense of accomplishment and pride one feels upon finishing the famous trail. Read more about the Adlerweg here.


Salzkammergut Cycle Path, 352km

This 352km cycle path really packs in the adventure, crossing provinces to visit 13 of Austria’s most beautiful lakes. It takes cyclists to old railways, through Mozart’s home village, on to fairytale towns, past caves and through forests. Pause in the imperial town of Bad Ischl to savour Empress-approved sweets, and sample Styrian wine straight from the source in Ausseerland-Salzkammergut. This long-distance cycle path is a uniquely enriching experience for travellers looking for a special blend of culture and nature. Perfect for wanderlusters let newly loose. Read more about the Salzkammergut Cycle Path here.


Arlberg Via Ferrate, St. Anton am Arlberg

Once this is all over, some people are going to take the definition of adventure travel to new heights. Climbers and experienced adventurers will be looking for new levels of altitude, and they’ll find it in Tirol’s St. Anton am Arlberg. The Arlberg Via Ferrate is one of Europe’s most demanding tours at 3km long and just under 2,500m high. Once equipped with the best quality safety equipment and training, climbers need to conquer narrow ledges, vertical rock faces and craggy ridges at dizzying heights. Stuck-at-home thrill-seekers will find an adrenaline rush like few others amongst awe-inspiring views. Read more about the Arlberg Via Ferrata here.


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