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Experience #austriantime: Alpe-Adria Trail

To overcome boundaries is always a great feeling, especially in scenery as impressive as the Alpe-Adria Trail.



Alpe-Adria Trail: from the Großglockner to the sea

Completing this impressive trail, from Austria's highest peak to the Adriatic Sea, under your own steam is a nice idea. But even if you don't hike all 750km of the Alpe-Adria Trail, for understandable reasons, but just one of the 43 attractive stages, it is absolutely worthwhile. The region where Carinthia, Slovenia and the Italian province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia meet is extraordinarily beautiful. From the Großglockner's eternal ice, the trail passes turbulent rivers and lakes glinting in the sun, impressive gorges and blossoming alpine meadows. The Alpe-Adria Trail combines the joys of nature, culinary delights and the pleasure of hiking in a way no other trail does, not least because the Carinthians are generous hosts. Enjoyment is also key where hiking is concerned - most of the trail is not at high altitude and there are few big climbs. Life is made even easier because you can arrange for your luggage to be transported to your destination for the day. The mental baggage you might have brought with you is left behind after the first few steps.


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