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Experience #austriantime: Hohe Tauern National Park Osttirol

It's wonderful gazing at the encircling mighty mountains, and even better when you discover rare animals and plants with the help of an experienced mountain guide.


Hohe Tauern National Park Osttirol: nature above the tree line

Austria’s largest national park and nature reserve boasts the majestic Grossglockner, which towers at 3798m over the Tauern range. Throughout the park, hikers of all levels can enjoy any of 30 different, well-marked routes. A peaceful and scenic trail may open up to roaring waterfalls and, as the tree line thins, grab the camera to capture dramatic peaks reflected in a tranquil lake. Several mountain huts make for the perfect rest stop where hikers can enjoy a midday snack or dinner and an overnight.

Hohe Tauern is a national treasure, where centuries-old conservation efforts have preserved cultural sites dating back to the Middle Ages and ancient Roman times. On especially informative day treks, park rangers teach hikers about these sites and offer tips on how to identify rare alpine flowers and herbs, as well as where to spot wildlife like the shy marmot or mighty lammergeier (bearded vulture). From spring and summer blossoms to colorful autumn foliage, each season holds its own charm. Exploring Hohe Tauern National Park Osttirol any time of year brings a sense of renewal.


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