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Experience #austriantime: Tirol Schnapps Route

Many people know what a good schnapps tastes like, but fewer realise how laborious the production process is, so it's a good time to change that by taking a delicious tour from the orchard to the glass.



Tirol Schnapps Route – from orchard to the glass

A hearty snack and a good schnapps are a marriage made in heaven, but even if many visitors know that this alcoholic drink is produced by small, local distillers, few realise what this entails. This is why the Tirol Schnapps Route provides an opportunity for the curious and gourmets to find out more about this generations-old art, from cultivating the fruit, via mashing and distilling, to the correct way to taste schnapps. 41 leading schnapps distillers in north and east Tirol have undertaken to show visitors how they achieve the clarity, fruitiness and purity of their high-quality schnapps. Of course the tours are not very scientific, but geared more to fun and enjoyment, because the Austrians know how to enjoy life, which is why every tour ends with a tasting. If you've discovered for the first time the lengthy journey made by apricots, pears, blackcurrants or raspberries from the garden to the glass, then you will prize such a premium schnapps all the more. You will also suddenly feel a much stronger connection to the land and the people, and that's quite a good feeling, isn't it?


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