National Guidelines for Guests (11.09.2020)

To assist the efforts of the government and the tourism industry to prevent the spread of COVID-19, visitors are asked to make note of and observe Austria’s national guidelines before, during and after their trip.


Before arriving in Austria

- Do not travel if you are ill or come into contact with suspected or confirmed cases

- Check the information about entry requirements, which can be found via https://reopen.europa.eu and https://www.bmk.gov.at

- Check the Information about Austria’s current rules of conduct at https://www.sozialministerium.at

During your trip to Austria

- Maintain a minimum distance of 1m from others and avoid group gatherings

- Follow the rules regarding face masks

- It is mandatory to wear face masks in the following spaces:

          - Public transport, taxis, cable cars, coaches, the indoor areas of boats

          - Pharmacies and hospitals

          - Shops, banks and post offices

          - Indoor events

          - Whenever a distance of 1m from others cannot be maintained

          - Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, and avoid handshakes

          - Sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow

- Keep a contact diary using, for example, the Stopp Corona App

- If you start to feel unwell:

          - Stay in your room or accommodation

          - Contact the 1450 health hotline

          - You must give advance notice before going to a hospital or a doctor’s office

          - Make note of the people with whom you have come into contact

After your time in Austria

- Contact the relevant authorities if symptoms of COVID-19 appear following your visit