Austrian Airlines - Chef on Board Austrian Airlines - Chef on Board



Flying to Austria and getting around is easy – even if you decide not to rent a car!


Flying to Austria

Austrian Airlines has been the leading carrier in Austria for over 40 years, setting high safety and service standards right from the start. It just recently refurbished its long haul fleet and boasts completely new seats and entertainment systems in both economy and business class. Austrian Airlines’ business class is famous for its excellent cuisine and bar service, offering choice Austrian wines and a Viennese coffee menu. Austrian offers direct flights to Vienna from several locations on the East Coast: Washington, D.C., New York, Newark, Chicago, Miami and Toronto. Book your ticket now:


Austria by rail

Austria’s extensive train system is easily the most convenient way to travel between its major cities. The new ÖBB Railjet brings an added dose of comfort and ease to your trips, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the ride. A new service makes it even possible to go directly from the airport to your favorite vacation destination. Never has train travel been so convenient. You can get your ticket either at the train station right before your train departs, or make a booking online ( in advance.

Austrian Airlines - Chef on Board
Austrian Airlines - Chef on Board © (C) Austrian Airlines
ÖBB - Austrian Railways
ÖBB - Austrian Railways © (c) ÖBB / Philipp Horak