Pumpkins in Styria Pumpkins in Styria

Biking Styria’s Vineyards

On a Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour, you set the pace for savoring each moment. Take as long as you like breathing in each vineyard’s simple, rustic beauty while enjoying superb wines and gourmet meals.


Connecting east and south Styria to Graz, the eight-stage bike tour follows gently winding roads for 250 miles to charming historic towns, culinary hotspots and splendid wine tastings. With so many temptations along the way, choices must be made. Perhaps start with a leisurely breakfast at Graz's Schlossberg and bask in the morning sun while overlooking the city’s medieval rooftops. Later take a break in Styria’s thermal region, where you can relax in the beautiful warm waters of one of the spas. Stop at a roadside tavern for lunch. Or enjoy a picnic in the middle of a vineyard. The Tinnauer Tavern can pack the perfect basket with carved ham, mature cheese, a good wine and fresh pastry. Simply find an idyllic spot, spread your blanket and linger longer than intended over a glass of wine.


A must-see in Styria’s wine region is Hartlieb Oil Mill. Stop in for a taste of “black gold” (pumpkin seed oil) as well as specialty oils made from apricot kernel and hazelnut. After seeing how they’re produced, you just may fall in love and take a bottle or two home with you. No matter where you stop, Styria’s beauty and warm hospitality will greet you at every turn.


Pumpkins in Styria
Pumpkins in Styria © (C)
Biking Styria’s Vineyards
Biking Styria’s Vineyards © (C) Steiermark Tourismus / Hummer
A hearty "Brett'ljaus'n"
A hearty "Brett'ljaus'n" © (C) Steiermark Tourismus
Biking Styria’s Vineyards
Biking Styria’s Vineyards © (C) Steiermark Tourismus / Bergmann