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Culinary Encounters


World famous for its dramatic landscape and unparalleled skiing, the Arlberg is also gourmet central. In a crowded culinary field, Verwallstube stands out on its 6,840-ft perch high above St. Anton. Chef Bernhard Neuhold helms the award-winning restaurant, where stunning views vie for attention with an innovative menu known for fish specialties. On Thurday evenings, a special Candlelight Dinner regales guests with a starlit gondola ride to the top of the Galzigbahn.

In the picturesque hamlet of Zug, the Rote Wand Schualhus is in a class all its own. Built in 1780, the former Alpine dairy and schoolhouse underwent a careful restoration in 2015. The result is a unique gourmet experience: a ground-floor Jausestuba serves regional specialties, while upstairs the 16-seat Chef’s Table and the Cookery Workshop elevate dining to another level.



In the MuseumsQuartier (MQ), Viennese passion for food takes an artful twist. You might say the MQ is to contemporary Vienna what the coffeehouse was to Freud’s Vienna: a place where students, artists and friends linger for hours discussing the latest art installation. Foodies are drawn to this world-class arts district for the tempting selection of sweet and savory eateries, where locally sourced ingredients are the norm. Surrounding its lively courtyards you’ll find cosmopolitan grand and urban-chic Mediterrean, a Tiki-style hut and lite-bites kiosk; even cupcake addicts have a place here. Come summer, the MQ transforms into an al fresco culinary experience with a spectacular side of people watching.



Along the Via Culinaria, Salzburg and the surrounding SalzburgerLand become an adventure worth savoring. Eight pathways highlight different culinary themes—cheese, spirits and beer, fish, to name a few—and lead to organic farms, award-winning eateries and other specialty spots where you can sample and indulge your epicurean whims. The newest pathway worships the world of herbs. Curious about bishopsweed, meadowsweet or thyme? On an herb hike, you can learn when to pick specific herbs, the best way to enjoy them, healthful recipes and healing tinctures. Extend your visit at an herb hotel and awaken to herb-centric dishes at nearby restaurants and mountain huts.




Museumsquartier Vienna
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Via Culinaria
Via Culinaria © (C) SalzburgerLand Tourismus
Familie Eisl (Via Culinaria)
Familie Eisl (Via Culinaria) © Via Culinaria (C) SalzburgerLand Tourismus
Main Courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier
Main Courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier © (C) Hertha Hurnaus
Verwallstube in the Arlberg Region
Verwallstube in the Arlberg Region © © TVB St. Anton am Arlberg / ABB