Angelika Schimpfössl Angelika Schimpfössl

Hand-crafted Schnapps, Tirolean Style

Tirol has been home to craft distillers since the 1700’s, with recipes handed down from generation to generation. Today, talented artisans are producing an extraordinary range of award-winning spirits that add up to a delightfully contemporary taste of Austria.


Along the Tirol Schnapps Route, 41 top-tier distilleries open their doors to visitors who are eager to learn all about the art and science of their craft. From cultivating the fruit, via mashing and distilling, to the correct way to taste schnapps, the tours entertain and reveal every stage of the labor-intensive process. You’ll learn how clarity is achieved, and fruitiness and purity ensured. Using farm-fresh ingredients and the freshest alpine water, each distillery crafts its own flavor characteristics. By the end of a tour, after witnessing the lengthy journey apricots, pears, blackcurrants, raspberries and other fruit make from the orchard to the glass, you’ll taste a more nuanced flavor in Austria’s culture.


Angelika Schimpfössl
Angelika Schimpfössl © (C) Agrarmarketing Tirol
Arno Pauli
Arno Pauli © (C) Agrarmarketing Tirol
Hupfauer Erwin
Hupfauer Erwin © (C) Agrarmarketing Tirol
Hand-crafted Schnapps (Bognerhof Strasser)
Hand-crafted Schnapps (Bognerhof Strasser) © (C) Agrarmarketing Tirol