Wine Cellar in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel Wine Cellar in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel

Historic Charmers

Deeply rooted in Austria’s history, hospitality can’t help but ingrain itself in these historic hotels in ever more gracious ways. These members of the Austria Colleciton are truly time-honored, offering the warmth of tradition in the lap of modern luxury.


The Ambassador Hotel

For more than a century, this historic hotel has attracted luminaries from the worlds of music, art and culture. Each of The Ambassador’s 85 distinctive rooms and four modern apartments pairs typical Viennese charm with luxurious amenities wrapped up in a Beaux-Arts building. The winter garden, where guests enjoy seasonal fare, offers delightful views over one of Vienna’s most picturesque squares.


Hotel Kempinski Vienna

Originally designed to be a hotel for the 1873 World Exhibition, the five-star Hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski strikes a stately pose on the Ringstrasse. The majestic landmark blends historic architecture with modern interior design, evident in its sleek lobby, serene spa and award-winning restaurants.


Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite

This singular suite offers an extraordinary opportunity to stay in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site of Schönbrunn Palace. The palace’s one and only suite, magnificently restored to the height of imperial charm, pampers guests with butler service, spectacular views over the nearly 400-acre palace park and gardens, and front-row seats to the Christmas Market and the Summer Night Concert of the Vienna Philharmonics on May 27th, 2017.


Hotel Goldener Hirsch

What started out as a guesthouse in the 15th century is today a modern hotel that exudes romantic charm and sophistication. A smart collection of antiques and hand-crafted furniture reflects the hotel’s 600-plus years in the center of Salzburg’s medieval old town. Personal service by a staff clad in traditional Austrian garb ensures a truly memorable stay.


Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

Located on a sunny Alpine plateau, five-star superior Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol perfectly marries style and culture with Alpine luxury. Though the building itself is not historic, Alpine heritage and traditions are upheld in this property. It combines all the key elements that make an Alpine vacation truly memorable: pristine mountain landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts; proximity to historic towns like Imperial Innsbruck; an award-winning restaurant specializing in local cuisine; and its own luxury spa for those looking to relax and unwind.


Arlberg Hospiz Hotel

Originally built as a refuge in 1386, the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel remains a warm and welcoming beacon amid rugged mountain beauty. In the art-loving Werner family for three generations, the historic resort has blossomed with the new arlberg1800 Contemporary Art & Concert Hall that features year-round arts events, artist and music studios, and 17 luxurious suites under one Roof.

Wine Cellar in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel
Wine Cellar in the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel © (C) Arlberg Hospiz Hotel (C) Daniel Schvarcz
Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol
Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol © (C) Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol
Hotel Goldener Hirsch
Hotel Goldener Hirsch
Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite
Schloss Schönbrunn Grand Suite © (C) Austria Trend Hotels / Jürg Christandl
Lobby of the Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna
Lobby of the Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna © (C) Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna
Winter Garden of the Ambassador Hotel Vienna
Winter Garden of the Ambassador Hotel Vienna © (C) Ambassador Hotel Vienna