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Imperial Splendor in Vienna


A stroll around Vienna can be like a journey back in time to the days of the Habsburg Empire. It comes as no surprise that the historic city center is a

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Vienna boasts 27 palaces and more than 150 imperial residences – many of them located along the famous Ringstrasse Boulevard.


Modern-day Vienna is a vibrant and bustling city with much gusto for the new, innovative and creative, but its imperial history is still omnipresent, and it is easy to submerge oneself into the air and flair of days gone by, when princes and princesses, court marshals, purveyors, stable boys and horse drawn carriages dominated life on the cobblestoned streets of the historic city center.


There is no better way to actually dive into Vienna’s imperial splendor than to experience a dinner at the Kunsthistorische Museum, one of the Top 10 museums of the world. A visit there is an enchanting journey, from the magical aura of the Pharaohs to amazing Greek classic, to Gustav Klimt’s seductive beauties. On Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 10 pm visitors can enjoy a gourmet dinner in the magnificent Cupola Hall. The service and food are just as exquisite as the artwork surrounding it. A table is yours for the evening, where you can indulge in appetizers, then take an after-hours tour of the new Kunstkammer Vienna or the famous Picture Gallery. Return to your table for the main course, browse another of your favorite painter’s works and then return for a grand sweet finish!

Reservations are highly recommended. Galleries are open until 9 pm. Euro 44 per person (does not include museum entry and Drinks)


Discover Vienna's imperial splendor here.

More information about the Kunsthistorische Museum, please click here.


Fiaker in Vienna
Fiaker in Vienna © (C) WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud
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Lobmeyr Shop, Vienna, Kärntnerstrasse
Lobmeyr Shop, Vienna, Kärntnerstrasse © (C) WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud
Goldenes Quartier in Vienna
Goldenes Quartier in Vienna © (C) WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud