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Uniquely Austrian Gifts

Whether for yourself or your favorite people, these special souvenirs are distinctively Austrian. You may find that what glitters is indeed gold.

Founded by the early 20th-century artist Josef Hoffmann, Österreichische Werkstätten (Austrian Arts) is known for its excellent reproductions of original Wiener Werkstätte designs and valuable antiques. New products inspired by Hoffmann’s style and philosophy offer a delightful contemporary spin. Österreichische Werkstätten is a wonderful place to pick up hand-painted silk scarves, shawls and ties with designs by Hoffmann, Gustav Klimt and other luminaries of Viennese Art Nouveau. The emporium also features handmade leather bags and a well-curated jewelry department with Art Nouveau works of gold, silver, pearls and gemstones.

Vienna’s oldest business establishment, the Austrian Mint, was founded in 1194. Not only does the mint produce the Republic of Austria Euro coins, it creates the Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins prized by investors the world over, as well as some of the most valued collector coins on the market. These superbly designed gold and silver coins have won awards for craftsmanship and beauty. Whether you purchase one of Gustav Klimt’s golden masterpieces in miniature or a silver coin dedicated to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a visit to the Austrian Mint is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Enter the glittering universe of the Swarovski Kristallwelten to find a trademark mix of grandeur, contemporary art and cutting-edge design. A thing of beauty, Swarovski crystal makes for a most memorable gift. Whether shopping the famous figurine or classic jewelry collections, searching for a precision crafted lens from Swarovski Optik or looking for a gift from the Swarovski Crystal Worlds line, you’ll find the perfect piece at the Swarovski flagship stores in Wattens, Innsbruck and Vienna.

Swarovski Crystal Store
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Austrian Mint
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